Rusty-Spotted Cat

                                                              Arlyne McKown

                                                                   3rd Period

The Rusty-Spotted Cat is a small tan and brown wildcat. It is very rare to see. It lives in dry forests in Sri Lanka and India on the continent of Asia. The Rusty-Spotted Cat eats rodents, frogs, poultry, birds, and small mammals. The cat's only predators are humans. Humans only use the skin and fur. One adaptation the cat has is the glowing of its eyes at night. This helps its night vision and allows it to catch prey. Another adaptation of the Rusty-Spotted Cat is the mating period is very short (5 days). Since the females are vulnerable during this time, this adaptation helps them survive. The color of the Rusty-Spotted Cat's fur helps them blend into their environment. This allows them to hide from predators and catch prey. In conclusion, the cat has many ways to survive in its environment.