Frilled lizards

By: Stone Rinehart

Are you thinking about getting g a frilled lizard? Well first thing you need to know, it’s not for beginners. If you think your ready read this tack to see if you really have what it takes to care for the frilled lizard.
Frilled lizard is big cool and frankly quit pretty. They can also be big mean unhealthy and ugly. Most of the time they are docile to keep then that way there is room for little mistake. In this tack you will learn to keep your reptilian friend from becoming an enemy.
Frilled lizards require a precise habitat, to mane tan a happy & healthy there native habitat in Australia & new-guinea, frilled lizards live in mostly wooded areas. So be sure to include horizontal and diagonal and 2 to 3 vertical basking spots per lizard. Large habitats are must frilled lizards minimum habitat is 4’ by 4’ by 1’. In order for a frilled lizard to feel safe & secure the tank can only have 1 transparent side; the front viewing wall. The other 3 can be covered in terrarium back round of rock or wood.
To a frilled lizard living without proper humidity it would be like living in a desert when you used to live in keep a frilled lizard happy & healthy they need to stay at around 85-90 degrees ferinhight & need to stay at 70 degrees in humidity.
I believe in giving as much of a variety of foods as possible. They eat insets such as grasshoppers dung & dubi beetles roaches caterpillars & ants. They eat mixed greens & fruit such as bananas cantaloupe mango & strawberries. Frilled lizards require manual misting before, after, & during eating to aid with digestion.
Gut loading
Frilled lizards up to 1 year of age should be given crickets dusted with a calcium/D3 supplement daily with a multi vitamin once or twice a week. Caring
Always buy captive bred lizards. Doing this will save you money& grief in the end. Imported lizards are often dehydrated due being transported from dealer to dealer to pet shop & dehydration could lead to kidney failure. Parasites & bacteria are also common in imported lizards. When buying a lizard ask to see it eat .if it eats in front of you or is full it’s a great sign & is most likely healthy. Handling
Do not expect your lizard to aprisheate being removed from its comfort zone. Some will stiff up & freeze others will attack & spaz out, which causes stress & stress, can lead to death. So take care of your majestic frilled lizard.
Now that you know what there is to know about their apatite there habitat & there caring your pretty much all set there’s only 1 last step to buy! In conclusion having a frilled lizard as a pet is definitely worth the time & space & it will surly make a jealous neighbor & fun.

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