Interesting Running Facts

You’re fastest in your 20s

Over the marathon distance, at least. Spanish researchers looked at the ages and finishing times of runners in the 2010 and 2011 New York City Marathon and found that men run their fastest marathon at age 27; women at 29. Times were 4% slower for every year younger than these ages, and 2% slower for each year thereafter. Meaning an 18-year-old marathoner runs about as fast as a 60-year-old finisher.

…but people run long distances well into their 90s

The oldest person to run a marathon is Fauja Singh, who at 101 completed the 2012 London Marathon in 7:49:21. The oldest female marathon finisher on record is Gladys Burrill, who at age 92 ran the 2010 Honolulu Marathon in 9:53:16, according to Runner’s World.

First Olympic running games?

The first recorded Olympic running games took place in 776 BCE.

Who knew...

Running, though generally a faster means of transit, is less efficient than walking in terms of calories expended per unit distance. Due to air resistance at higher speeds, running on a track requires more energy than walking to cover the same distance. As reported by Hall et al., men on a track running at a pace of 6.3 mph use 1.2 times as much energy to travel the same distance as when walking at a pace of 3.15 mph; but, when on a treadmill running 6.3 mph they use just 1.01 times as much energy to travel the same distance as when walking at 3.15 mph.

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