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Duke Lacrosse Scandal

Duke University

Duke University is one of the most profound universities in America. Known for their basketball team, but in the year 2006 much attention was drawn to their lacrosse team.

Duke University Scandal Timeline

Duke University throws team party at off campus house, hiring two strippers. (March 14)

One dancer tells police three members of the lacrosse team forced her in the bathroom and took advantage of her. (March 14)

46 of the 47 players were ordered to provide DNA samples. (March 23)

Duke announces lacrosse team will cancel two games due to "private party dancers" and underage drinking. (March 25)

Duke suspends lacrosse team from play (March 28)

District Attorney Mike Nifong calls members of the team "a bunch of hooligans." (March 29)

The accuser identifies her attackers in a photo lineup. (April 4)

Lacrosse coach Mike Pressler resigns. Duke President Richard Brodhead cancels the rest of the season. (April 5)

Defense attorneys announce DNA tests fail to connect any of the players to the accuser. (April 10)

Grand jury indicts Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty on rape and other charges. (April 17)

Granville County authorities confirm the accuser told police 10 years ago she was raped by three men when she was 14. None of the men was charged. (April 25)

Duke president says team can resume play in 2007 under close monitoring. (June 5)

Director of a DNA lab testifies that, in an agreement , he omitted from a report that genetic material from several men — none of them team members — was found in accuser's underwear and body. (Dec 15)

Attorney drops the rape charges, saying the woman is no longer certain whether she was penetrated. The players still face charges of kidnapping and sexual offense. (Dec 22)

Duke invites Seligmann and Finnerty to return to school. The accuser gives birth. Both sides later say she was not impregnated at the party. (Jan 3)

April 11 — Cooper drops all charges, accusing attorney of overreaching. Case cloeses.

This case caused widespread attention not only from the sports world but nationally. Three white males at a prestigious university accused of taking advantage of a college student and single mother from a crosstown black college. Ranked #1 in lacrosse at the time, having too suspend the season because of accusation that were unjust caused major chaos at the university. Although, none of three were accused of rape they still got filed with wrong doing for discrimination and underage drinking. They may have dodged the bullet but they were still caught doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. The American public tuned in too see a unfairly treated court case but only to see that justice prevailed.

Connection to The Crucible

Similar to The Crucible, many people were falsely accused and hated because of a crime that they have not committed. Also very similar to The Crucible, there was no evidence, just a girl putting the blame on many other people for something that did not actually happen. Everyone had believed this exotic dancer because it was easy to believe and was a very interesting case. Many observers voiced strong opinions about the players and the players and the University. 46 of 47 players of the lacrosse team were forced to send in DNA samples to the court and were under suspicion of this alleged crime, with no evidence or proof, just the word of the exotic dancer to back it up. But, unlike The Crucible they were not charged in the end.


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