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Literature or media relating to cultural competence in general.

To me, the quote by Enrique Garcia Bejar and an unknown author are a great example of what cultural competence means. It is a perfect explanation of how we must accept and respect the differences of others. We are equal but different.

Literature or media relating to at least 3 topics discussed throughout this course and the importance of its appropriate integration into our classrooms.


Four Feet, Two Sandals is about refugee girls name Lina & Feroza living in a refugee camp in Pakistan. They had to flee their homes and are now homeless. This book allows children to see the hardship refugees endure and how there are people from other countries who are going through some tough times. Homelessness is an important issue that children should learn more about. It is something that can happen to anyone like the girls from the story.


The following links are great reads to help teacher and parents develop their child’s self esteem. It is important to help children develop self-esteem by making them feel loved and mattered. This is important to implement in the classroom because it can make or break a child’s confidence and self worth.


When My Parents Forgot How To Be Friends is a great children’s book that is sensitive towards children who’s parents are getting or already got a divorce. Although mommy and daddy no longer get along, they are still your parents and will always love you. This is a great book to have in the classroom so children can be aware of this situation and how some students may have a mom, step-dad, dad and step-mom.

Addressing feelings

The following link is to one of my favorite articles. . This article is about how to help preschoolers regulate their emotions. At the age of 2, 3 and 4, children don’t know what emotions are or how to control them. Children will become successful when they learn how to control their feelings and use language to express them.

What are different ways you can show your students and parents that you value diversity on all levels?

Ways to show parents and students that you value diversity in all levels is to have a culturally responsive classroom. As a teacher, being culturally responsive is very important. It allows students to feel welcomed in the classroom by embracing their culture and values. In order to ensure students and parents feel at home, a classroom should include the use of multicultural materials that will embrace the cultures of all families. Having books about different cultures, customs and countries in the classroom library and also having posters posted throughout the classroom is a good way to show your students and parents that you value diversity on all levels.

How can you communicate with families of various backgrounds and ways you can avoid potential pitfalls when communicating cross-culturally?

Ways to communicate with parents is by having newsletters in the parents’ native language. Try to translate newsletters as best as possible. Having an interpreter is also a good way to communicate with parents. If possible, have the interpreter look at newsletters before being sent out to make sure the letters were translated correctly. Since not everything means the same thing when translated, this can avoid confusion and pitfalls. Also doing some research and learning a few words and phrases to communicate with parents is a great way to show that you care about families.

How are you going to increase your overall cultural awareness?

Ways that one can increase their overall cultural awareness is by doing some research into the different countries your students are from. It’s always great to educate yourself and take that extra step to learn more about your student’s cultures and values. Also by having parents work with students to do a project about where they are from in the beginning of the school. This can help give you a better understanding of the students in your classroom and increase your cultural awareness.

How you can help counteract any bias or prejudice towards a particular group?

As a teacher, we need to be open-minded and respectful towards everyone no matter what their race, culture or beliefs. We need to practice cultural awareness in the classrooms and not tolerate any prejudice or bias jokes, remarks or conversations. The following article “No Place for Hate! 101 Ways You Can Beat Prejudice!” has great suggestions on to how to counteract any bias or prejudice towards a particular group. It’s a must read!

What are specific Community Resources that may be available to parents and families in need; or resources that can help families and parents with particular needs?

The following link provides a series of support group in the area of my community; from marriage counseling to divorce support groups to parent coaching to parenting children with disabilities support group and so much more.

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