Wonderful Season

By: Maggie


In the morning when I walk outside it smells very earthy and fresh with a whiff of pumpkin pie. Warm soup with grilled cheese and chili filled my nose with wonderful smells.


I always hear a lot of people raking. I hear kids and other people jumping in piles of leaves. Leaves are crunching like pumpkin seeds when people are walking and jumping on them. On Halloween I hear laughing because of the hilarious costumes. I hear lots of squealing little kids either because they are extremely scared or super duper excited. I hear doorbells and knocking because kids are always anxious to get treats.


I feel frost and dew under my feet like a crisp and drippy popsicle. I touch the fresh, cool, air as I jump into a pile of leaves. I feel the cradle of leaves touching my skin as I lay there not knowing what to do next.


I am a little disappointed that I have to say farewell to swimming and all of the other fantastic things I could do in the previous season but it will always come again. I am a little glad because it is a new season with new beginnings. I get a little scared around Halloween time because you never know what kinds of crazy costumes you will see.


For dinner this time of year I always love to taste warm chili on my taste buds. For dessert I also love the crisp taste of the crust on my sweet pumpkin pie. Whenever I go to the pumpkin patch I always love getting warm apple cider and sweet candy corn.


During this season I see a lot of change of how beautiful it looks outside. The leaves change from tiresome green to beautiful, bright ,and bold shades of yellows, reds, and oranges. I also see a lot of wacky Jack-o-Lanterns and silly costumes.