Exploration for England

Oklan Fwantwan is who you should choose "because he's the best around and nobody's ever going to bring him down."
By: Tripp Mims

Why you should choose Oklan Fwantwan.

Queen Elizabeth the first you should choose me this year in 1599 because I know you want to expand your kingdom and get resources needed for England.  You may think that I will betray you because I am from Indonesia, but I will not.  I also know you need Gold, territory, and items to trade.  I will look for those resources but I will also look for salt, timber, tobacco, and clean water.  I also want to make my name live for longer.  I am looking for these because if we cannot find gold we can trade these things for gold.  Also these will be useful too, for making tools, buildings, and selling.  I will chose to go farther west in North America than anyone has before.  I will name the place Nevada.  You see it will be helpful to explore the New World because your enemies Spain and France are already exploring it.  Other European explorers are looking for gold and glory.  They are also looking for land to claim for their countries.  I will handle conflict with the Europeans by asking to not destroy us.  I will ask to trade ideas and goods with the Natives.  If necessary I will fight with them but I would prefer the other methods if it is at all possible.  I will encounter enemies on my voyage.  Such   as spies, people who want to perform a mutiny, etc.  I will overcome these by having one person   I trust with my life onboard.  He will inform me of possible mutinies, spies, and other enemies.  That is why you should choose me, your beloved Queen Elizabeth the first, to explore the New World called North America.

I will go from here (London)...

To here.

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