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Haiti's government between Papa doc and Baby doc

 In 1950 Haiti has elected a man named Paul Magloire  for President who was an army officer. Six years later, Paul has resigned after rioting broke out. After Paul resigned, the army took control over the government. Two years after Paul  resigned, Papa Doc (who was a doctor) became President of Haiti.

 Four years before Papa Doc became president he joined the government or President Dumarsais Estime, becoming director general of the National Public Health Service, in 1948 he is appointed as minister of public health and labor.

  A couple years later President Estime was overthrown on May 10. After that Duvalier returned to his medical career.Behind the scenes he began organizing against the military regime. In 1956 the relinquishes power in December. Later on 6 governments were formed in 10 months.

             In 1957, with army backing,  Duvalier is elected President for a six year term on the 22 of September. Duvalier promised to end the privileges of the mulatto elite and bring political and economic power to the black masses, however the political climate remains unstable.

                 Papa Doc was a crazy man. For example a fortune teller once told him that one of his former enemies will turn into a black dog. So he took matters into his own hands and killed all of the black dogs Port Tu Prince and also killed whoever had a black dog.

Why Haitians left: A lot of Haitians left because Papa doc was not only crazy but he also killed people for no reason at all or for the dumbest reasons . Also a lot of his policies were ridiculous .      

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