Rainbow loom bracelets
by: Nicole w.

Have you ever wonder how to make rainbow loom bracelets and necklace? If so here is how to make three kinds of them!


Step 1: get bands (your choice of color)

Step 2: place bands on pegs (in zigzag position)

Step 3: face red arrow toward your body

Step 4: pull bands on top of each other (with hook)

Step 5: carefully pull off bracelet or necklaces

Step 6: put on c clip (on one end)


Step 1: get 20 to 25 bands (if adult 30 to 35)

Step 2: make an eight form on 2 pegs

Step 3: place two more bands on top of your eight (just in a circle)

Step 4: pull bottom band over all of the other bands

Step 5: place one more band on top

Step 6: repeat step 4 and 5


Step 1: place bands on the perimeter of the loom

Step 2: make a snowflake passion in the middle of the loom

Step 3: make the snow flake passion all the way up the loom (until the end)

Step 4: put outer color band on the middle of the snowflake

Step 5: pull bottom band from the middle out tuck it onto the middle peg (on the snow flake)

Step 6: tear off the bracelet (from the loom)


Step 1: make honeycomb bracelet

Step 2: make fishtail with fingers spread apart

Step 3: if bracelet is too small make a little honeycomb at the end

Step 4: put on c clip at end

the end!