by: Shante' Kendall

The life of Gobind Singh

Gobind Singh lived for forty-two years and he was the son of guru named Ted Bahadur. Also he was born in Patna India and was born December 22, 1666 and passed on October 7, 1708. He was a spiritual leader throught 1666-1708 because he was born into a line of Gurus.

The way he changed Sikhism.
The way he changed Sikhism was by making or creating a group for all Sikhs. In order to get into this group you have to get baptized which is called, Khalsa, which means pure. The rules when you are in the group are not to remove your hair and not to smoke or eat meat. During a conflict a lot of men passed while fighting on the battlefield. Gobind believed everyone who died that day was his son. He also delivered a speech at the funeral for the ones who died because both of his sons were captured by the governer and bricked alive during that time.
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