Jared W

   My name is Jared Woodlief and I'm 14 years old. I live in Legacy Ridge in Liberty lake. I have two sisters and one brother and a dog. I love to play sports and watch movies. My sister Erin is nine years older than I am. She is attending BYU for her masters program right now. My brother Kyle is eighteen and is going to UVU for his first year of college. Alyssa is sixteen and just weird, for example she will come in my room for no reason and start to tell me that she is half dog or bird or some weird thing like that. Fritz is my cute little dog. He is a miniature schnauzer but also he is blind, mute and he had over seven sicknesses that almost made him die. But the cutest thing about him is his squeak. The owners before us were rude to him and took his voice box out, now it sounds like a squeaky toy. I was born in southern California then moved to Utah for two years then moved to Lewiston for eight and then moved here. We have lived here for about three  almost four years now.

what is your greatest talent?

There is something many people may not know about me, I love music. I love to play music. I can play piano, trombone, ukulele, guitar, trumpet and tuba. I started to play piano when I was three and I hated it. I would ask to quit put my mom wouldn't. By that example I kept going. I don't only read music but I can listen. Listening to music has always been my best talent. By listening I mean making up my own stuff or listening to a song and then I could play it. It took a lot of work of learning how to play more than one instrument but its what I love.

Who will you be ten years from now?

In ten years I'm hoping to be a NFL player. All of my life I have loved football. I wanted to be this because it is what I love to do. People that are business men are boring to me, they don't have fun doing their job.

Where's the place you had always wanted to travel to?

The place I've always wanted to travel to is to Hawaii. I have always wanted to go here because I love warm places, and swimming. The island I would choose would be Maui.

whats the story my grandfather always told me?

My Grandpa Wood always told me when I would get in trouble that he would send me to Mrs. fisher. Apparently When my Grandpa was in third grade his teacher was super mean and would hit every student that would talk. So he would scare us by printing weird pictures of random women and call them Mrs. Fisher. To be honest I don't think she really existed.

who do you secretly love?

Since I was ten I always had loved Peachy O's. They are so good to me. If I had to marry something right now it would be Peachy O's.

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