Some class called science

So, in science, I am learning a lot and continue to expand my intelligence.  I may not be the best, but I get the job done.  I will show you two of the many things that I have learned this year.  Here is a sneak peak: I am talking about plant and animal cells, and animal adaptations.    


I have learned about plant and animal cells.  They have some of the same parts and some are different.  Here are the two cells labeled and a little song to.

Animal cell

Plant cell

Here is a little song that can help you learn more about cells(its kind of annoying.)

Animal Adaptations

I may have learned about this previously, but I have really refreshed my memory, and know even more.  Animals adapt to their environment so they are fit to survive.  It is very interesting how animals use their senses.

Here is a frog adapting to its environment using camouflage. This helps keep the frog safe and sound.
This pelicans beak isn't just big for nothing. It adapts by using it as a scoop to scoop up fish.

This video is how camels, giraffes, and penguins adapt to their environment.   

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