Brighton Beach Memoirs                                     by: Christopher Maree

                  The Great Depression

The Great Depression was within 1929-39, considered to be the greatest and long-lasting economic downturn. This began after the stock market crash of '29, affecting mainly business investors. Over the next several years, consumer spending and investments dropped. Causing steep declines in industrial output. As well as increased unemployment. By 1933, when the Great Depression reached its nadir, some 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed and nearly half of the country’s banks had failed.

               Colleges in the 1930's

The amount of tuition in college was $500-10,000

The College Board reports that a "moderate" college budget for an in-state public college for the 2014–2015 academic year averaged $23,410. A moderate budget at a private college averaged $46,272. The Stanford mascot is the Stanford Tree.

Gas prices appear to be at a historical high, and prices of the past appear to be cheap, 17 cents per gallon in the 30s.  The cost of a car in the 30s ranged from $945-2,250 because the Great Depression. Bacon cost 38 cents per pound.

Shoulder of Ohio Spring lamb 17 cents per pound Ohio 1932
Sliced Baked Ham 39 cents per pound Ohio 1932
Dozen Eggs 18 Cents Ohio 1932
Coconut Macaroons 27 cents per pound Ohio 1932
Bananas 19 cents for 4 Pounds Ohio 1932
Peanut Butter 23 cents QT Ohio 1932
Bran Flakes 10 cents Maryland 1939
Jumbo Sliced Loaf of Bread 5 cents Maryland 1939
Spinach 5 cents a pound Maryland 1939
Clifton Toilet Tissue 9 cents for 2 rolls Ohio 1932
Camay Soap 6 cents bar Ohio 1932
Cod Liver Oil 44 cents pint Wisconsin 1933
Tooth paste 27 cents Wisconsin 1933
Lux Laundry Soap 22 cents Indiana 1935

                 Stan's Apology Letter

      Dear Mr. Stroheim,

                    I am here to apologize for the incident that occurred yesterday. I'm considering that you hire me back from the decisions that I've taken. Keeping this job means I get to support my family. The dirt being kicked onto the shoes will not happen again.                   
                   During this great time of depression, money is kinda scarce at the house. Me keeping my job shows that i won't do anymore actions like that. I was standing up for Andrew because he doesn't earn much money working. I'm only 18 yrs, young and strong, you can't find any other adults ripe at my age.

                   Keeping this job means i can support my family right now. My father just got sent home without pay for 3 weeks. There are 7 people living in a house. Living paycheck to paycheck. Please reconsider about hiring me back at the company.

                     Broadway Show

The Jersey Boys Broadway the movie/show that is a perfect musical about making it to the top with music. Tickets usually start at $97, the first showing was November 1,2005.

                  Personal Review

Brighton Beach Memoirs is one of the most compelling, passionate, hilarious, heart warming play I've ever seen in my life. The rating I give is a 9.2 of 10. Life in the great depression and growing up in hard times. Eugene Jerome is going through the effects of puberty and his family living paycheck to paycheck. Hard times turn to joy, and happiness when it comes to life in Brighton Beach, New York 1930.

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