Differences in FFA and Charly

By: Rayann Moudy

The top ten differences in the movie Charly from the book Flowers for Algernon are:

1. When Ms. Kinnian and Charly get together.

2. When Charly didn't go back to the factory.

3. When all the characters smoked.

4. When Charly spoke about the operation being only temporary at the presentation.

5. When Charly helped the waiter pickup the broken glasses that the waiter dropped.

6. When Charly went out and done stupid things with the bikers.

7. Charly lived in New York instead of Boston.

8. Charly worked at the bakery instead of the plastic box factory.

9. Charly wrote on a chalk board instead of a note book.

10. Dr. Strauss was a woman.

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