Ancient Japan

In ancient japan the people enjoyed many things. They enjoyed fashion, art, and performing arts.

In ancient japan they are what is known a kimono. A kimono is a long loose robe made of layers of silk. They had lots of gold jewelry and liked elaborate outfits. They also had elaborately decorated fans that had painted designs on them.

In ancient Japan art included paintings and calligraphy. In Japanese painting the people liked bold bright colors. They also liked paintings that illustrated stories. Other paintings showed scenes in nature.

They also cared about how they spoke and wrote. Many men wrote in chinese and women wrote in Japanese. Many of the greatest early Japanese works were written by women.

Japanese wanted to make their city look beautiful. They modeled their architecture after the Chinese. They copied Chinese architecture for buildings but mainly in their temples.

In japan people gathered to watch musical performances. They also liked watching jugglers and acrobats. These performances were wild and fun. Performing arts eventually turned to dramas and plays.

In ancient japan the people followed Buddhism. Eventually everybody started following Zen Buddhism. Zen Buddhism believed that neither faith or good works led to wisdom.

In modern day fashion people still wore kimonos or silk robes but most wear western clothing. Like dresses, jeans, and t-shirts. Men would wear suits.

In modern japan art takes many forms. From cartooning to painting. Cartoons have become popular in japan. Manga a popular cartoon and comic is read by all ages in japan. Manga comes in all genres from action and adventure to romance.

Modern day Japanese performing arts consists of dance drama and kabuki. Kabuki is a popular form of drama with singing and dancing performed in a highly stylized manner.

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