Thyroid Cancer

About Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is a disease that you get when you have cancer.


Lumps or nodules in front of neck(single or multiple),problems with swallowing,chronic cough,and etc. Those are some symptoms in the thyroid.

Possible Causes

One could be characterized by out of control cell growth.

Cancer Growth

Cancer Stages

Stages 1 and 2  These are curable. Everyone diagnosed with stages 1 and 2 papillary thyroid cancer is likely to live  for at least five years after their diagnosis. Stage 3 The figures drop slightly for this more advanced stage.Even so nine out of ten people  (90%) diagnosed with stage 3 primarily thyroid cancer will live at least five years after diagnosed. Stage 4  As you might expect. Metastasis or has affected every part in the body and has took complete control of the body.


Treatments to thyroid cancer could be the following: Radioactive Iodine which is a small light that goes in and burns out the cancer. External Beam Radiation Chemo therapy,and etc...


Some patients that discover the have thyroid cancer live about up to five years. And some are lucky and live longer than five years and the cancer is cured. That is some info on survival risk. Remission is when your cancer stop spreading,growing,and its small but it could start growing again any time.

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