My Adventures In San Antonio

My Rockin' Summer!

   During the Summer I (obviously) went to... SEA WORLD! It was the best summer I've had so far.

    When I heard we were going to Sea World San Antonia, I was so excited I was LITERALLY bouncing off the walls bursting with excitement . The only downside that killed my excitement was that we had to wait until a "few days" to start packing ( 2, WHOLE, MONTHS).

     When "a few days" were over,we started packing. To go to a fancy hotel next to Sea World. We drove on and on for what seemed like an eternity. When finally I heard the words I'd been waiting for for 9 hours... "We're HERE!" My mom shrieked as she gazed in amusement at the huge hotel,that seemed to be at least 50 stories tall.

     We set our stuff down at our room and then set of for Sea World. The drive there wasn't that bad, although it took about 20-30 minutes to get there. I tried to contain myself as we got out of the car, parked in a grey empty lot. When we walked in through the gate, I almost exploded into a MILLION pieces. There was a HUGE arc standing there acting like a gate.

    When my parents got to the gigantic gate, they paid for the tickets and we walked in there (me, of course, trying to keep my self from jumping on everything and turning into a walking time bomb). We went to the killer whale show, my favorite thing at Sea World. They did twists and turns and flips and spectacular tricks. My dad was the next to choose the attraction a HUGE "roller coaster". We got on the car in the front and went up so high I couldn't breathe. When we went down I was so terrified it felt like I was floating in my seat and I couldn't touch the bottom of it. We came down with two types of splashes- one with water and one from my stomach.

    Next was my baby brother's choice (Jeremy, 4 years old) he chose a water show about Sesame Street called Bay of Play. He was pretty terrified though, he was scared of the guys in costumes of characters from Sesame Street.


    When we got to the hotel I was as excited as a nerd at E3 (game convention)! I was already ready for day two of our wonderful vacation.

     We went to Aquatica, the swimming part of Sea World. There were water slides and pools and rides everywhere. There was a huge pool with at least 150 people in it. there was a timer too. Every two minutes it would blast a wave that could drown people 3 feet under the surface.

     My family was ready to go after I drowned 3 times, my dad once and my brother about 13 times. I was pretty sad about leaving once we started packing to come back home to Arlington.

     But as they say, "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME".