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For the past few months we have been learning about Argentina. We have been learning about the conflicts in Argentina. This is what we have found.....

Issue #1 Government Corruption

This political cartoon represents the Argentinian government because it shows how Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner owns the government and has the voters support. She has been accused of multiple crimes and still has the people's  favor. She owns the police army judges and median so she never gets charged and her criminal activity does not get out. She spent twice as much money on campaigning than the runner up in the election and half of it was trashing other candidates. When in office she has stolen 2.6 billion dollars and been accused of murdering prosecutors who have tried to get her convicted three times.

Issue #2 Transnational Issues

Issue #3 Decline of the Peso

This is a chart of the declining rates of argentine money. As you can see, since about 2011, there was an additional rate known as the 'Blue' rate. The blue rate is substantially worth less in value than the official rate of the peso. This is a wide problem for Argentinians because their money (and everyone else holding Argentine money) is worth much less due to the blue rate. If this decline keeps up, eventually Argentina will have to take off a zero from their currency value by printing more money. They have done this dozens of times in the past.

Issue #4 Social Conflicts

Argentina has a lot of violence, there is domestic abuse, Motochorros, and many other criminal activities. Every nine days a women dies because of domestic violence. Domestic violence can happen almost any where. Motochorros are men who ride in pairs or groups, ride on motorcycles and they steal bags and purses.

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