Atmosphere                                     By: Abi C.


The atmosphere has four layers not including Exosphere. The first layer is Troposphere, than Stratosphere, Mesosphere, thermosphere. Each layer protects or help us do something to earth. The Troposphere helps us live because we live in that area. The stratosphere protects us from the sun. The mesosphere protects us from meteors. The themosphere has the least pressure.


The earths atmosphere has four types of gasses. It has 78% of nitrogen, 21% of oxygen, 0.93% of argon, 0.038% of carbon dioxide.


The troposphere is the lowest layer in the atmosphere. It is 90% of mass. We also live in that part.


The stratosphere is the second layer of the atmosphere. The tempature gets higher when keep on rising above the stratosphere. This is also the ozone layer.


The mesosphere is the third layer of the atmosphere. The mesospheres tempature decreases as you go higher.


Thermosphere is the fourth layer of the atmosphere. Thermosphere is also the hottest layer.

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