411 on Cholesterol
Adam Larson

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cholesterol Tests:

What are LDL and HDL?

LDL and HDL are lipoproteins that transport cholesterol around the body.

How do LDL and HDL differ structurally and functionally?

HDL has more proteins than LDL. HDL remove excess cholesterol from the bloodstream while LDL transports cholesterol from cell to cell.

Why do doctors monitor the levels of LDL and HDL in patient’s blood?

Doctors monitor lipoprotein levels to assess the risk of heart disease.

How are the concentrations of LDL and HDL associated with the risk for heart disease and associated disorders?

Too much LDL can cause plaques on the bloodstream.

Limited LDL is good. Higher levels HDL is good.

What other molecules in blood are monitored along with LDL and HDL?

Mainly triglycerides, triglycerides store energy for muscles to use.  

Structure of a triglyceride

What do result of cholesterol tests mean?

Cholesterol tests show values of molecules in the blood. Results assists the doctor in assigning a course of treatment.

What do patients do to change levels of LDL and HDL in their blood?

Eat healthy - Maintain a good weight - Exercise

Don't smoke -Take prescribed medications

How does the intake of unsaturated, saturated, and trans fats affect the cholesterol levels and your overall health?

Eating large amounts of fats leads to increases of LDL levels.

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