Lowering the Purchasing Age of Cigarettes

By: Kattie Dickinson

Lowering the purchasing age of cigarettes can benefit teens in many ways and may keep them from turning to illegal drugs. Some different benefits that smoking can have on a teen are less stress level, more control of their life and they may feel like young adults and not children.

In the article Tobacco Product Use Among Middle and High School Students states that "nearly 90% of adults start smoking before the age of 18." To asses the current tobacco product use among youth, CDC analysed data from the 2012 National Youth Tobacco Survey. The current tobacco product use among middle school is 6.7% and high school is 23.3%.

Below is a petition that I started to lower the purchasing age of cigarettes. I have not reach my goal yet and the petition is still open for more signatures.

If the legal age of smoking cigarettes is at 16 but you can't purchase them until 18 why isn't the purchasing age lowered down to 16. Teens are going to smoke no matter what and if they know all the health affects and the benefits and still choose to do it than what does it matter.

Below is a video of the interviews I have done and what they had to say about teen smoking and about the purchasing age of cigarettes.

In advance I am sorry about the watermark on the video in order for that to go away I have to buy pro.

Other benefits of smoking are it improves the human information process which means it spends up the brain process of collecting new information. Higher nicotine cigarettes produce greater improvements than low-nicotine cigarettes. Smoking can improve motor performance. Motor performance which is when you can focus and get things done faster. High blood pressure is less common among smokers because it helps reduce stress levels.

Smoking can help prevent certain disease. One disease it can prevent against is Parkinson disease. Parkinson disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system.

A study in Australian was done of those who never smoke and reported a long term illness and those who do smoke and reported a long term illness. 91.8% of people in Australian who have never smoke reported a long term illness, but only 89.0% people who do smoke reported having a long term illness.

Another study done in Australian, saw that individuals over 45 years old suffered from high blood pressure were 11.3% of smokers versus 27.0% ex-smokers and 29.0% never-smoker.

Smoking is not the root cause of any disease it is just a piece of a big puzzle. Other factors play in with smoking cigarettes in  order to get a disease. An example of this is Buerger's disease. Smoking alone cannot cause Buerger's disease, you need to be 30 years old and above and a male to get it.

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