Arabian Peninsula

10 Tips For Living on the Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian Peninsula is a hard place to live, especially in the desert. Though, people have thrived there for centuries. Because of adaptations they now live their everyday lives there, and this is how.


an oasis

To live in this environment there are some things you need to know first:

- Very fertile land.

- Some oases are big, some are small.

Some tips you could use:

- Date palm trees (which grow plentiful there) are extremely useful. They can be hollowed out to help build irrigation systems, used as firewood, used for building houses, the leaves can be used as shade, and the  fruit that grows on the trees can be used as food.


The desert is a very harsh environment:

- Hot and dry

- Sandy

Tips for living in the desert:

- It's best to use camels for transportation

- It's best to wear loose fitting clothes

Coastal Plain

The basics of the coastal plains:

- Dry river beds

- Rocky cliffs

Tips for living in a coastal plain:

- Reserve rain water

- Dug wells and dams for an irrigation system


What the mountains are like:

- 1,000 to 12,000 feet high

- Rain and elevation keep the mountains cool temperature wise

Tips to living in the mountains:

- Farm on the steep slopes by creating terraces

- Houses were made out of mud bricks

- Build dams and irrigation systems

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