RV iPad Collection

June 2nd for 5th Grade & June 3rd for 6th Grade

iPad Checklist

Completed by Friday, May 30th

1. Students need to upload pictures and projects to Edmodo/Google Drive and clear off Camera Roll

2. Students need to Update their iPad

3. Students need to make sure the lock screen still has their first and last name on it

4. Students need to make sure the unlock code is still 1234

5. Students need to clean off their iPad screen with a microfiber cloth

6. Students need to make sure their iPad is fully charged

7. Teachers walk students through filling out their Intermediate Collection Form (see form attached below)

8. Teachers double check iPads for damage, inappropriate apps, and correct unlock code before signing the Collection Form

Actual Collection Day

June 2nd & June 3rd

1. Students will turn the iPad completely off

2. Students will put iPad with charger, otter box/cover, and cable in clear plastic bag (technology will provide each student with a clear plastic bag)

3. Students will put the Intermediate Collection Form they completed and signed into the plastic bag with the iPad

4. Teachers check that the iPad is off and the Intermediate Collection Form is in the bag and facing the right direction

Physical Pick-Up Procedure

June 2nd - June 6th

1. Annette, Valerie, and Amy will come around to each room with carts and collect the iPads

2. Each iPad will be inventoried back into the system

3. iPads will be sorted, alphabetized, labeled, and stored alphabetically by grade level in protective crates

4. Technology will pick up crates and store iPads at a secure location

Retiring Teachers and Teachers Changing Campuses

1. Retiring Teacher's iPads will be collected on June 2nd and 3rd

2. Teachers that are changing campuses will get to keep the iPad this summer, but we will need to switch it in inventory to your new campus on June 2nd

Saving Projects off the iPad

Not sure how to get projects off the iPad or how students can back up their projects?