Rebecca's scrapbook Entry #3

I think that Japan was affected by isolation trade wise but also food wise.

  since they were surrounded by water and farm land they were limited to Fish,  Rice and noodles. because you clearly aren't going to have steak and potatoes in an isolated country. and in a country that is not isolated they probably won't just eat rice, fish, and noodles .since they are isolated that means it's difficult to trade since they did not have a lot of resources to trade to other countries.

for their Political life they had an emperor even though really the emperor pretty much didn't do anything it was really the shogun who did all the work. and in other countries people do not have emperors .

I think Isolation affected the social structure because in Edo Japan they had a pyramid for the classes but usually in countries they don't have a pyramid for the people and they don't necessarily have classes. most people are somewhat equal

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