Three things about me

I consider my self a jock or a athlete, I play football, wrestling, and track or baseball. I like to drink true moo and Snapple or Swiss peach tea. I also like going to the weight room to try to get  bigger. Also on my free time I like hanging out with friends or/and drawing.

1.) I love playing football! I play it, and practice for it as if I'm getting drafted to the NFL. If you come to one of my games you would see me playing as hard as I can until the whistle blows.

2.) I don't draw much, but when I do I amaze myself because of how much better it looks from the last picture I drew. I haven't joined any art classes other than school but im looking forward to if i don't get a scholarship for football.

3.) I have different moods. (not bipolar kind of moods), but as if i can change when i want to and when i dont

Three goals

1.) Strive hard in football so in my 11-12 grade year, I have college teams looking at me. I honestly doing anything that can help me to get into a college.

2.) My second goal is to become a better student in school and pay attention better. Because my grades go down the drain when I don't do good.

3.)My third goal is to just become better at what ever I am doing, and not complain.

A place I would like to visit

I think if I wanted to go any where it would probably be in Las Vegas. It sounds cool to see all of the lights and meat all the people there. Plus I like parting and stuff,  bet that their is a lot of that there!

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