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Logistical Challenges You have to learn how to stay in a country legally, how to run your business there, and do taxes. Those are unique things depending on where your business is based and where you want to travel. So, that’s another thing that you need to invest time in. It can be a lot of work, but you kind of need to do your own research for your specific easiest system ever review. That’s the other challenge: just abiding by the rules and jumping through the hoops that you need to jump through in order to be where you want to be.
Learning the Ropes Initially, I had done the preliminary research online. There’s the CIA World Fact Book website which has basic information on every country in the world. It’s a public website, a database of demographics and legal information. For my particular instance, with Thailand, there was a great online forum. It had a huge amount of expats and locals just talking about the logistics of staying long-term in Thailand. So I found a lot of information there about Visas. I learned a lot through personal contacts, as well.
MAKING A LIVING I got my start in 2006 providing web design and WordPress services. That has been my bread and butter for almost six years. From that first project, my business has just spread by word of mouth.
Online Marketing I’ve grown into marketing territory. I tailor marketing strategies for a few different easiest system ever review. It’s not something that I spend a tremendous amount of time on yet. I took the knowledge that I got through marketing all kinds small projects and started applying it to help a few major clients. I put together an online marketing strategy, connect them with the right people, and figure out how to build an audience around what they have to offer.

Running an Online Academy Since November of last year, we started to develop the Digital Nomad Academy. I launched it in early, early February, as an experiment. We’re really trying to build the academy into the go-to place for people who want to build a business that they can run from anywhere. A lot of the students are connected with each other. They’ll hold meet-ups and help each other. The whole community works together to hold everyone accountable.
Teaching So I’ve found myself now in the role of the teacher. I’m on the phone every week with students and different guests. It’s a blast and a lot of students have already had success with it, so it’s really fun.
Recruiting Instructors I’ve been able to rope in a number of friends and colleagues who are running all different kinds of businesses and who are able to have the lifestyle that they want. The students get direct access, on the phone, every week, to speak to these successful digital nomads.
Challenges It’s a tremendous amount of work, because there are a million different businesses that the students are running. But it all centers around the same stuff, like the logistics of how you operate the company and how to build an easiest system ever review that can reach potential customers globally.

Enrollment I have just over 100 students inside, but enrollment for new students is currently closed right now. I like to open it up once every few months, so that a new cohort of students can come in simultaneously and get fully integrated into the existing community. We’ll probably be re-opening it early 2012. So go check it out and you’ll be the first to know when the door opens.
Goals The difference between a lifestyle business and a traditional business is that, at the end of the day, the goal is sufficiency. My goal is simply to make enough money to live the lifestyle that I want and do the things that I want.






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