S.K. are my initials.                                                                                                       A zone full of brand new amazing trainers.                                                                 Cheap trainers with high quality                                                                               I will also sell cheap football boots for people that are high quality.

Id like to start a trainer store because i see how well JD Sports have done and how rich and big of a business it is. I would like to make lots of money and be well known by everybody.

I know that kids and young adults like spending money on trainers but i reckon i would make more money selling them cheaper than £40 + for the same style of trainers.


I couldn't live without my play station because it is entertainment and i can keep in touch with my friends and make new friends. It is fun when you play games with your friends because it wont get boring because you can have a chat with them. Also in games you and your friends can help each other.


My favorite brand is Adidas because it is a big and popular brand which has a variety of clothes,shoes and hats to pick from. I also like it because it isn't as cheap as Slazenger but is not as expensive as Nike. I prefer clothes and shoes from Adidas than Nike.

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