Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Nick Glowski

Alexander Graham Bell
Telephone - 1876

The invention of the telephone revolutionized communication and the world. It allowed people to communicate faster than the telegraph. People could also have a telephone in their home.

Lightbulb - 1879
Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison and his lightbulb

The light bulb revolutionized the world because it eliminated the need of dangerous oil lamps. It also was one of the first electrically powered devices. The light bulb also led the way life to be powered by electricity.

Gasoline Powered AutoMobile
Charles and Frank Duryea

Frank and Charles in their AutoMobile

The car was so important because it eliminated the need for animals as a use of transportation. Without animals you don't have to feed them, or take care of them. Also they're faster than animals.

George Eastman
Camera - 1888

The Kodak revolutionized the world because it was hand-held.

George Eastman and the Kodak

The Kodak revolutionized the world because it was the first hand held camera. All of the other cameras were huge. It paved the way for movies, TV and all other recorded media.

Diesel - 1892

Rudolf Diesel

The diesel engine was so revolutionary because it had an efficiency of 75%, while the steam engine only was 10%. This led to it being used in cars, boats, and many other applications. It's still being used today.

Airplane - 1903
Orville & Wilbur Wright

Original plane flight

The plane is one of the most important inventions ever. It made travel much faster and changed daily life. It also changed warfare.

Cotton Gin - 1794
Eli Whitney

The cotton gin revolutionized  the world because it tripled the production of cotton. This boosted the economy because it required more slaves, and more cotton. This also started the factory revolution.

Sewing Machine - 1846
Elias Howe

The sewing machine revolutionized the world because clothes were able to be made much faster. It also started the beginning of clothing brands. The sewing machine also revolutionized the world because it helped start the production of factory's.

Dynamite - 1866
Alfred Nobel

Dynamite revolutionized the world because it was safer than lighting straight black powder. It also helped rail-roads be built because they could blow through mountains quicker. Dynamite helped the world in many ways.

The Bessemer Method - 1855
Henry Bessemer

Bessemer steel process helped create steel faster. This also led to the growth of rail-roads. Surprisingly this helped cities and factory's grow .

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