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There are many phases of the moon which include (in order of which they happen):New Moon, Waxing Cresent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waxing Gibbous, Last Quarter, Waning Cresent, then back to New Moon.

Earth In Space

How Does Earth Move In Space?

Earth moves in space by rotating and revolving. Earth rotates on an imaginary line running through the center of Earth called its axis. Earth revolves around the sun it takes one year and a quarter of a day to revolve around the sun completely. Every four years we have an extra day in February called leap year to make up for the quarter day.

What Causes The Cycle Of Seasons On Earth?

The cycle of seasons on Earth is caused by the tilt of the Earth's axis. The reason the tilt of the Earth's axis determines the seasons is because the part that is tilted toward the sun is going to be warmer or summer and the part tilted away is going to be colder or winter.

Gravity And Motion

What Determines The Strength Of The Force Of Gravity Between Two Objects?

The two things that determine the force of gravity between things are mass and distance. The more mass an object has it is going to have a greater force of gravity and  an object with less mass will have a less force of gravity. The closer two objects are the more gravitational force the further two objects are away from each other a less gravitational pull.

What Two Factors Combine To Keep The Moon And Earth In Orbit?

The two factors that keeps the Moon and Earth in orbit are gravity and inertia. Gravity holds the Moon in place so it stays close to Earth. Inertia explains how the Moon goes in orbit of Earth at a constant rate.

Phases, Eclipses, And Tides

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Where I Took My Moon Data.

What Causes The Phases Of The Moon?

The phases of the Moon are caused by the changing relative positions of the Moon,Earth, and Sun cause the phases of the Moon,eclipses, and tides.

What Are Solar And Lunar Eclipses?

When the Moon's shadow hits Earth or Earth's shadow hits the Moon, aneclipse occurs. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes  directly between Earth and the Sun, blocking sunlight from Earth. During a lunar eclipse, Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the Moon.

What Causes The Tides?

Tides are caused by differences in how much the Moon's gravity pulls on different parts of the Earth.

Earth's Moon

What Features Are Found On The Moon's Surface?

Features on the Moon's surface include maria, craters, and highlands.

What Are Some Characteristics Of The Moon?

The Moon is dry and airless. Compared to Earth, the Moon is small and has large variations in its surface temperature.

How Did The Moon Form?

Scientists theorize that a planet-sized object collided with Earth to form the Moon.

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