Html sturf


1:<!doctype html> </html>:Specifies that your'e using html language

2:<title> </title>:Adds a title

3:<body> </body>:Add the part shown on the website

4:<br>:Does the same as the enter key

5:<body background="image here">:Makes the background an image

6:<a> </a>:Adds a hyperlink

7:<b> </b>:Makes bold text

8:<h1>-<h6> </h1>-</h6>:Heading sizes

9:<p> </p>:Adds a paragraph

10:<u> </u>:Underlines text

11:<sub>:Makes text subscripted

12:<sup>:Makes text superscripted

13:<q> </q>:Puts text in quotations

14:<body text="color#">:Tells the color of the text

15:<i> </i>:Makes text italicized

This is binary code not html

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