We help companies that downsized in the past few years grow with cost reduction !

At Alliance Card Group we believe in building an alliance or business partnership through consultation and education. This creates an opportunity for you to reduce costs in your business. If you have a solid understanding of how a machine works, how easy or difficult it is to implement and to use and that the outcome has been proven time and time again then it is an easy decision to start using it. Especially when you are already using it, there is no out of pocket expense and in fact next month the cost will be less than this month. It's like say your landlord calls you and suggests he is going to lower your monthly rent if it is ok with you. My guess is, if it is not too much trouble you will agree to less rent. We help companies eliminate the pain associated with accepting credit cards as a form of payment from their customers. Instead of the usual send me 3 statements and I will beat your current rate Alliance Card Group looks at 3 crucial area's of your monthly merchant processing bill. We check to see if you have a true cost/straight pass through rate structure currently. We expose any hidden or padded fees your monthly bill might include and we provide tips and counseling on reducing your cost with proper card qualification. Our motto is "we have your back". At Alliance Card Group our mission is to Align, educate and save our customers profits from their hard earned sales. Most companies I work with as my vendors would rather lose my business to a competitor than to take care of my needs in service and cost and keep me as a customer. We believe just the opposite, it's harder to gain a new customer, than it is to retain a long term business alliance by being proactive and giving 120% customer service every day.  For a FREE evaluation of your current merchant services cost just fax or email 2 or 3 recent merchant statements to us and we will provide you with access to the rates that are posted online, a side by side comparison of your cost today versus what your monthly bill would be with us and tips on reducing costs with your current vendor today.. We can also discuss any other cost reduction you may be interested in, insurance, long distance phone charges, HR, payroll, advertising or any of the other many expenses or procurement your company may need assistance in.

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