Welcome to South Africa

Alysen D.

South Africa is a beautiful place. Filled with beautiful monuments. Huge cities and nice people. There are 48,601,098 people living in South Africa. South Africa would cover the whole middle east in America.



Here in South Africa, you can find many different foods from different cultures. We have pasta's, sushi, pizza, barbecue, and a ton more! We have braai, barbecued food. Boerewors, spiced and barbecued sausage. We also have the classic ice cream. For beverages, we have wine, water, milk, tea, coffee, cool aid/juice, pop, and other common soft served drinks.


Urban women here wear head scarfs, a long skirt/dress, and sandals. Urban men wear pants, a shirt, and sometimes suits. You will rarely find a Urban man wearing shorts. However, White South Africans wear Western styled clothing. They are usually wearing nicer type of clothes out in public. Men usually wear shirts and pants, or suits. Out of town places, they may wear shorts with knee socks. The women commonly wear a loose and comfortable dresses or modest jeans.


Christmas and New Year are very fun and upbeat holidays. It includes eating sheep, spending time with family, and worshiping their gods. The other holidays that are most important to them are Politician Holidays. These holidays are Youth day, Human Rights Day, and Freedom Day. These days are normally celebrated in stadiums or large buildings. People would sit and listen to leaders, preachers, and or ambassordors.

Country Background and History

The British settlers came in the 1900's. They used the African's as slaves to do their dirty work. The Africans won the war and became a free country. They won their freedom in the 1970's. They celebrate every year on April 27th.


Languages in South Africa, are divided into four different groups. The groups are Nguni, Shangana or Tsonga, Sotho, and Venda. The most common though, is Nguni. Zulu and Xhosa are the most used in this language group. Next would be Ndebele and Swazi. South Sotho, Setswana, and North Sotho are in the Sotho language. These languages are the most used.


Most South Africans are Christians and believe in God the Holy Spirit. English South Africans belong to Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and many other congregations. Blacks normally belong to African Independence churches. Which is the largest of the Zion Christian church. Only 15% of South Africans say they belong to no church and do not have any beleifs.

Education and School

Kids are taught their language until they are in seventh grade. After seventh, they are taught the English language. You start school as a seven year old and can end when kids turn fifteen. If you cheat in school, you can/could end up with illegal charges.

Tourist Intrest

The capital is Pretoria. In the year 2010, South Africa achieved of becoming the first country to hold the Soccer World Cup. South Africa owns Kruger National Park. A huge park located near the boarder to Mozambique and Zimbabwe. A few events in Africa are, The World of Dogs, Cats, and Pet Exhibition. There are seven shows in February 2014. Featured in Johannesburg, at Gallagher Convection Centre. Fish Africa, is held in Cape Town, and is an all month challenge. This challenge is started up in March, 2014. Come visit South Africa soon!

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