Old Dog Learns New Trick!

Mr. Wheeler was recently trained on a new App called Kahoot!  While very skeptical at first Mr. Wheeler soon discovered that Kahoot added an exciting new element to his class. Prior to Kahoot students described Mr. Wheeler's class as "stale" and "boring."  When the grumpy old Mr. Wheeler used Kahoot for the first time students were immediately engaged. Noticing the new level of engagement Mr. Wheeler quickly created a second Kahoot to use in his class.  Upon using Kahoot for the second time Mr. Wheeler also discovered that Kahoot offers an immediate form of assessment and feedback for students.  By the third time Mr. Wheeler used Kahoot, students were describing Mr. Wheeler as "hip" and "radical."  Soon teachers from all over Youth Middle School were visiting Mr. Wheeler's class to see why student achievement had soared in such a short period of time.  

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