Where I am From

Cassidy Zavoral

My picture taking skills.• #nofilter #autum #sunset #beautiful #outside

I am from the big blue lake,

The mitten I swarm in the summer and freezing in the winter.

I am from walks outside, and swings so high,

The corn maze, fall leaves, and football games feed our boredom in the fall.

I am from sports, and sunsets,

Fresh pizza, and Kilwinz ice cream on the beach.

I am from softball, volleyball, track, and more,

Farms, fishing, and fun are what the surroundings are based on.

I am from building castles out of scorching sand,

I am from going on adventures with family, and friends.

Where I am from is like and igloo in the winter.

Where I am from it's impossible to escape sun burns in the summer.

I am from coming together to become one,

Together forever and never apart in each others hearts.

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