Chloe H- Digital Editing

value: Bravery

In This class I learnt about our school values and learning how to digital edit. I found a few pictures and edited them on the website and used to create a website

I chose this picture of a man petting a lion. This man is showing bravery by petting a dangerous animal that could possibly hurt him

In pixlr i added an effect and a boarder

i chose this photo because of how brave police are to protect our towns and houses.

On pixlr I added a neon pink firework picture in the bottom left corner, and added a faded ink boarder to finish it

I used this photo because of the bravery in our fire fighters extinguishing fires around the globe and risking there life for others

I edited my picture by putting a pink effect and then putting a black skull border.

I chose this picture because of the bravery of people who fly helicopters and planes to save or transport people to places.

I Edited this picture by putting a pink background and pink flames at the bottom of the photo to give more detail.

I made this by putting all my photos I had edited before rounded the edges and put a blue back ground.

By Chloe Heuvel.

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