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A stereotype is an overly simplifed image or idea about a person or thing. Two stereotype people believe about Australia are that we very involved with kangaroos and they are a large part of our lives. They also believe all of Australia is a very hot place. These are both quite inaccurate, kangaroos are fairly distant animals from humans and seen vary and Australia has a lot of desert however in certain places it snows and is very cold.

Certain people take offence to certain stereotypes, eg. gender, race, this can result in a person feeling outcast and un included or different.

Examples of three Australian Accents: Standard Australian English, Aboriginal English and Ethno-cultural Australian English varieties

I believe that I am the Standard Australian English accent. This reviled that I have lived in Australia my entire life and that is the only language I have grown up around.

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2 years ago

Good. Some nice points but this is very brief. Need to look at reflecting on your own life and how this relates to you and your world.