The Middle Colonies Region

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This is an image of all the colonies in the middle region. We would be glad to see you in any of these colonies. The middle colonies also came from Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France and Scotland.

The awesome weather

The weather in all the Middle Colonies was mild. The weather made the soil better than New England's.  The winters are not very harsh, it is perfect weather for farming. The summers didn't get to hot, but stayed decently warm.  


New York grows a lot of potatoes and can grow from around 5 to 8 bushels an acre. Also all the Middle Colonies grew wheat, barley, oats, rye, and corn. They even had a nickname which was the "Bread Basket". Wheat could be ground to make flour, and both wheat and flour could be sold in other colonies or in Europe. They could also trade these things to get more other stuff they don't have. Farmers were the most prosperous of all regions.


The lumbering and ship building enjoyed success in the Middle Colonies. This was because they had the abundant forest. Pensilvania even saw the moderate success in the textile and fertile industries too. The ship building was one of the major industries though which was some what along the waterfront.

Fun Facts

The religion all the middle colonies are Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jewish and others. They had natural resources like good farmland, timber, furs and coal. Iron ore was a particularly important natural resource too.

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