Quilling Cards – Some Tips And Ideas To Get People To Fall In Love With Your Creations

The art of paper quilling needs no introduction whatsoever. Creative minds across the world are taking up this amazing craft to make wonderful masterpieces that are equally powerful and majestic as any oil on canvas painting. But what is more, this craft allows artists to do much more than that. Quilling artists are now creating anything from delicate sculptures to wall decorations to fashion accessories and even greeting cards with the craft. You too can wow many of your friends and colleagues by sending them quilling cards to spread a little cheer and convey your good wishes. Here are a few tips to get you started.


These are some of the basic elements of the craft that you should keep in mind when creating quilling cards.

Make sure that you use very little glue when you stick a Quilled twirl of paper to the base surface. Being cautious at this stage will help you avoid the risk of having glue drops get into the detailed aspects of your design.

People will tell you that construction paper will prove to be a much cheaper option for quilling but pay no heed to this advice. This form of paper is much more difficult to use and manage for the purposes of this craft, even though it might be cheaper than regular quilling paper.

Beginners could have better luck using the middle of the quilling tool to make their rolls. This simple strategy will give you much more control on how the end design will look as you progress with your creation.

Same goes for symmetrical designs. Quilling cards with such patterns should be done by beginning at the center and then working your way towards the outside edges of the design.

Think about investing in a quilling designer board. It will help you in creating flower petals that are much smaller in size and solve many others of your quilling issues with convenience.


Thinking about sending a quilling card to your loved one? Here are some ideas to make your creation special.

You can create a monogram of your name or a combination of your name and the name of the receiver of the card with paper quilling. The creation can then be sent with a thank you note to your loved one. This idea can also work with personalised note cards.

Valentine’s Day and wedding day cards can easily be made more beautiful and snazzy with a Quilled red heart.

Quill a flower embellishment for an "I Love You" card or perhaps a birthday card for a lady.

If you are creating a Quilled card as an invitation or a baby shower or similar occasion, try creating cute patterns and motifs. You can even go for creating cute little animals and baby figures with Quilled rolls.

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Kate Sanders is an expert in the art of paper quilling who also likes to write many interesting articles and blogs, helping people to take up the craft and make the most of it. She recommends QuilledCreations.com as the best and most trusted source to buy the best quality quilling supplies from.

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