Belief Systems

Willow Schramm

-Located in Africa
- No holy text or book related to the religion.
-People wise they worship their ancestors, and spirits.
-The main beliefs of the culture is that everything living and nonliving has a spirit. Also worshipping ancestors.
-The affect on culture is the people who practice animism has a great respect for nature.
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-Forests are seen as where the spirits dwell.
-there are many sacred places to worship

-Located in Japan
-No holy book or text is related to this religion
-The people related are their emperors from the past
- The main beliefs of this is that the spirits of Kami exist in all things. Including their emperor which is very god like.
-The affect on culture is that they have a great respect for the natural world, especially for their emperor in the past.
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-it has no known date or founder
-kami began as mysterious forces of nature.

-Located in India, and stayed in India
-The holy book was the Vedas
-The people that are associated are the hundreds of gods to help identify with all the roles of Brahman
-The main beliefs of this culture Reincarnation: (ones soul is reborn into another body or physical identity after the body dies.)
Karma (The total of ones deeds in a lifetime)
Dharma (Determines was someone's Karma will be)
-The impact this belief system had on culture was the Caste System has been the traditional social classification system for the Indian people. Also the associations with reincarnation tend to guide behavior in people.
-no founder or date of origin
-people who practice this religion value meditation

-located in India, but moved to Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, and China,
-No holy text.
-Mainly the person (people) associated with this religion is the Buddha.
- the main beliefs of Buddhism are to end your suffering by ending your desires. (Four Noble Truths, and Eightfold Path)
- They learn to accept what life brings to them.
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-Buddha means "the awakened one"
-most popular in Asia, and India.

-Located in china
-The holy text is called the Tao Te Ching
- The related people could be the Ying ( female) which is earth. and the Yang (male) which is heaven.
-The main beliefs of this culture is to follow the way of nature.
-The affect on culture is to not challenge nature, and expect things as they come.
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-emphasizes living in harmony
-"Tao" means the way

-Located in China
-Related people is Confucius
-The related text is the Analects
-The main beliefs is that all people need to accept their role in society
-Great deal of respect for parents, elders, and country which is also known as the filial piety is how the religion affected culture
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- developed from the teachings of Confucius
-began during the tang dynasty

-Located in the middle east
-The related people are god, and messiah
-The related text is the Torah (the first five books of the old testament)
-The main beliefs of this culture is ONE god. which is monotheism. Also that God will send a messiah (savior) to them someday.
-Try to follow gods laws. Which are the ten commandments, so the messiah will come.
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- Considered one of the oldest monotheistic religions
- the worlds jewish population is about 14 million.

-Its located in the middle east
-The related people who are the most important are God and Jesus
- The holy text is the bible
-The main beliefs is monotheistic, Jesus Christ is the son of God and he is the messiah
-The affect on culture is the simple rules won many to convert to the religion
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-has approximately 2.2 billion supporters
-it began Jewish is early times.

-Located in the middle east
-The related people in this religion is Mohammed, the messiah who spread the word of god.
-The holy text is the Koran or Qur'an (same thing)
-The main beliefs of this culture is monotheistic, and they follow and Allah in all things above everything else, and Mohammed is the messiah who spread the word of god.
-The impact this religion has on culture is the religious laws of Islam are so important that they often become the political laws of the nation
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- Islam means Surrender
-Has influence in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North, and South America

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