China and it's Dynasties   

This is an Bronze sword they used it in battles.


Bronze Weapons:Helps with wars and stronger armor. They had a benefit when they were to go into war. It didn't help the world today because we have evolved and our armies and military got stronger. With stronger materials such as iron and silver and gold.

Zhou (Pronounced Jo)

Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism:Helped keep people in line and helped them grow over time. Confucianism involved people in a relationship. Daoism was to act in the way of nature. Legalism was to be strict with the laws and have harsh punishment.

Qin (Pronounced Chin)

Building the Great Wall: To protect from enemies invaders. There were lots of men that had to be taken out of their home to work on the great wall. It protected the northern border. It took a really long time to built and if the Emperor wanted to punish you he would send you to leave your family, and work on the great wall and in some legends they say that their are slaves and servants buried beneath the great wall.

Iron used in the Han dynasty


Iron armor:  Stronger armor and weapons. This would help them in battle. They would have stronger weapons. The armor would help protect them more than before. The iron armor helped to have a stronger army because they wouldn't all die.

Bureaucracy a pyramid of levels: Stronger government. At each level people would direct the people under them. The top lived in the capital and the bottom were peasants. The people at the highest class could tell anyone what to do. This ways because they were all lower than them.

Invented the plow and wheel barrow:Helped farmers by improving the way of moving weight. The iron plow was used by farmers to move melted iron to molded. Farmers were able to make more crops. This meant they could make more money.

Silk and salt: Helped with communication. We wear silk today. Silk is made from the silkworm. Making silk more efficient was important because it was great int trade. The were able to interact with the west.

China and it's Dynasties their Pretty GREAT!