Smallest mountain in The World.

what is the smallest mountain in The World?    

Mount Wycheproof.            

Mount Wycheproof  is the smallest mountain in the world.

This mountain is located in the small town of Wycheproof, Victoria, Australia. Its's 486 feet above sea level yet it stands 141 feet above the surronding plains.

The population of the town Wycheproof (where Mount Wycheproof is located) is only 686. The town Whycheproof settled around 1846 and became an actual town in 1875.

Map Of Mountain.         

So this is a map of Australia and this map shows the location of Mount Wycheproof.

Interesting Substance.      

This is a unique geological substance known as Wycheproofite. It is an exclusive substance to the local area. This substances appearance is  pearly, orange-white crystal group of wycheproofite. This crystal is 5 mm tall.The location of this substance would be in a granite quarry near Wycheproof, northwestern Victoria, Australia.

Fun Fact.                

A interesting fact is that the name of this town was created from an aboriginal word called "wichi-poorp.'' This word means "grass on a hill."

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