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Advisory Services

In the power packed corporate setting of present times growth avenues are limitless & barriers among the nations are disappearing giving way to possibilities. What companies need is a sound corporate advice to take advantage of opportunities around and stay ahead of competition. We at Credence are a team of experts offering corporate advisory services to help companies equip themselves with the corporate know- how and sketch a high trajectory of growth curve which is also sustainable.

What we Offer:

Our offerings as core competencies are of both financial as well as of non - financial nature.

Corporate advisory services of financial nature are as following:

1. Project Advisory services

Project advisory services is the key to success & longevity which comes with wide spectrum of key matrices such as selection of project, Project feasibility studies, Project planning, implementation & monitoring support as well as the documentation of complete process. Our teams of experts across the industry offer key valuable inputs from the very beginning so that viability of the project grows upward of north along with consistent cost structure & break even planning.

2. Investment decisions

We strongly believe that business management is a dynamic process & investment decisions are one of the core activities for any business with array of AGE defining critical task such as selection of proposals, regulatory documentation, Networking & channel management. Our experts help to make all the necessary decisions from the very beginning and it is well aligned with the company’s own vision. Our key differential in service delivery lies with gap analysis of concept & idea implementation so that all regulatory & compliance related hurdles could be taken care off. It makes the value creation a hallmark mark of our business.

3. Financing decisions

Financing decisions & a good finance mix is an essential criterion for the businesses. We offer consultancy to identify the suitable & balanced financial mix after the proper understanding of business cycle, Product nature, Demand cycle of product mix & degree of stability in earnings. We guide through step by step process & help companies also to identify the sources of finance with our network support.

4. Bidding decisions

Here, we help clients to prepare the necessary documents, legal & regulatory formalities & fulfillment of terms & condition required for the bidding process for any project. We show the light through the tunnel.

5. Standards & Norms setting

Sustainable growth demands we defined goals & objective which can only be achieved through setting up benchmarking standards as per the industry norms. It helps companies to achieve competitive advantage over the competitors. Our experts hold in depth understanding of the various industries across the economy. We offer to tell that where the industry is heading & what is best for you.

6. Technology Know How Management

We provide consultancy in technology selection & implementation as per your business need which helps to improve the quality of your product & services at relatively low cost.

7. Operational Excellence

Our experts help in design & development of operational frame work aligned with company’s goals & objectives & it is integrated with best practices such as GMP, HACCP, 6 sigma Lean sigma& TQM.

8. Business Process Integration

Business Process integration helps to bring the company at another high level where the information & resources are shared on real time basis. Various technologies fits the bill as per the company’s needs.

9. Development of SOP & Documentation

To achieve the optimized success rate & longevity of resources, standard operating process is developed & documented as it brings consistency. Further we help in documentation of each & every direct & indirect activities.

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