Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

G. Hoover


First Telephone
Alexander Graham Bell

This invention was probably the most important invention ever invented because we use it almost every day. If Alexander had not invented the telephone we would not be able to talk to relatives,friends, etc. who live far away.

The First Typewriter


Christopher Sholes- Inventor of the Typewriter

The typewriter revolutionized buisnesess all over the United States. This invention made it easier to write documents.  It made them easier to read and more legible than a regular persons handwriting.This invention also gave women jobs as secretaries.

Gasoline powered automobile-1893

First Gasoline Powered Automobile
Charles and Frank Duryea

The automobile was a very important invention. Without it we would not be able to travel long distances faster. For example if I wanted to travel to Detroit, MI in 1890 it would take me approximately 24 hours to get there. But with the automobile it would only take about 1 hour and 21 minutes.

First Handheld Camera-1888

First Handheld Camera
George Eastman

The Handheld Kodak Camera allows people to capture your memories in a small 4x6 piece of paper. Before the handheld camera people had to have the moment painted by a painter. While the painter was painting you you had to sit/stand for 6 or more hours. Since we do not all have photographic memories the camera helps us remember the memories.

The icebox-1840

The Ice Box
Thaddeus Lowe

We use the Ice Box every day. The Ice Box is used to keep food fresh and cold. Without the IceBox food would rot faster and there was no way to keep it cold.

MOtion Picture-1895

Motion Picture
Louis and Auguste Lumiere

The first motion picture was an amazing thing. The motion picture was the first form of a movie theatre. This allows someone to playback something someone has already recorded and watch it over and over again.

The Sewing Machine- mid 1800's

The First Sewing Machine
Elias Howe

The sewing machine allows people to make clothes at a faster pace. Before the sewing machine was invented people had to hand stitch clothes which took a long time. Without it we would not have as many clothes as we do now.

Air Brake System-1869

Air Brake System for Railroads
George Westinghouse

The Air Brake system is used to stop the trains that ride on the railroads. Without it  rains would not be able to stop on the tracks. If we could not stop the train would crash and everyone would die.


First Seismograph
John Milne

The seismograph is a very important invention. Without it we would not be able to tell when an earthquakes are coming. This helps us prevent natural disasters.

Carbon Filament for Light bulbs-1882

Carbon Fillament for lightbulb
Lewis Latimer

The Carbon Filament in the light bulb allows the light bulb to last longer. Without it light bulbs would die faster and we would have to replace them faster. Replacing them faster wasted money and was not efficient.

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