Sports Marketing 2

Liberty High School 2014-15

Course Overview

Sports Marketing 2 is a practical application of curriculum learned in the prerequisite Sports Marketing 1 currently offered at LHS. Students will engage in real-world applications of sports marketing including career studies, partnering with coaches/athletic directors, creation/organization/implementation of gameday promotions and sponsorship sale recruitment and fulfillment for every sport.


Communication: We will use email, text and the class blog to communicate. You will need to subscribe to the blog and provide a cell phone number where you can be reached via text, twitter & instagram. If this is a problem, please let me know so we can make other arrangements.

Professionalism: You have been selected to represent LHS to community businesses and residents. This is an honor that comes with a heightened level of responsibility. You will be expected to act in a respectful & professional manner inside and outside the classroom at all times.

Personal Accountability: Take responsibility for your role on the team. Don’t let your teammates down by missing deadlines, being a no-show at events, or making other choices that put added pressure on your peers. You are constantly networking and everything you do (good and bad) leaves a lasting impression on your future reputation.


1. Event Participation 200 pts

  • Attend 3 events 75 pts
  • Written script for video board 50 pts
  • Meeting sponsorship criteria 50 pts
  • Team evaluation 25 pts

2. Event Marketing 175 pts

  • Marketing Plan 100 pts
  • Goal Achievement 50 pts
  • Team Evaluation 25 pts

3. Sponsor Presentation 100 points

  • Power Point 50 pts
  • Presentation 25 pts
  • Client Evaluation 25 pts

4. Sponsor Contact 50 points

  • Introduction 20 pts
  • Sponsor Night 20 pts
  • Presentation Follow-Up 10 pts

5. Overall Team Evaluation 50 points

6. Additional Duties 25 points

Late Work Policy

Any assignment not submitted on the due date will recorded as a zero in Power School. Late work will be accepted on or before the last day of the unit for a maximum 60% of the total assignment grade. Once we have completed the unit project or test your grade will remain a zero in the grade book.

Class Resource Links