Mag Magnet’s AR 15 Bullet Button® and Mag. Magnet Provide California AR Owners with a Unique Solution for Out-of-State Travel

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Mag Magnet’s AR 15 Bullet Button® and Mag. Magnet Provide California AR Owners with a Unique Solution for Out-of-State Travel

(San Diego, CA) January 25th, 2014 – It’s no secret that Californians love the great outdoors. And Californian hunting enthusiasts now have an easy solution to use their California-compliant rifles more conveniently while on out-of-state hunting trips. When used together, Mag Magnet Inc.’s AR 15 Bullet Button® and Mag. Magnet products provide California AR owners with a convenient way to re-load ammunition while on the fly, allowing a California-compliant rifle to be used more conveniently while out-of-state.

While there is great hunting within the Golden State, many hunting enthusiasts also enjoy traveling to other areas of the United States on hunting trips with friends and family. Mag Magnet Inc.’s AR-15 Bullet Button® and Mag. Magnet provide an unparalleled solution for California-compliant rifle owners who want a more convenient experience while on hunting trips in other states.

Bullet buttons are unique accessories that allow California-compliant rifle owners to quickly detach their gun’s ammunition magazine, allowing for a quick re-load when shooting on a range or traveling outside of California. While some gun manufacturers now have built in bullet buttons in rifles for sale in California, a bullet button can also be purchased as an after-market product and easily installed by gun owners in bullet button compatible guns, even by owners with minimal knowledge of their rifle’s mechanics. However, bullet buttons can be somewhat inconvenient to use, which is where the Mag. Magnet comes in.

The Mag. Magnet is a patent-pending, ergonomically designed polymer button that magnetically attaches to the AR 15 Bullet Button, and functions as well as or better than a magazine release button. It is not permanent, is easily removed, and requires no modifications to your bullet button equipped firearm.

It’s unrealistic for many hunting enthusiasts to modify their gun every time they leave California for an out-of-state hunting trip. Mag Magnet Inc.’s Mag. Magnet, when used with the AR 15 Bullet Button®, offers a great solution to those who want to focus on their vacation and enjoy the amazing selection of hunting across the United States, rather than the minutia of gun mechanics.

Mag. Magnets and AR 15 Bullet Buttons® are available for sale on Mag Magnet Inc.’s website, The Mag. Magnet is available for $15.99, and the AR-15 Bullet Button® is available for $19.00.

About Mag Magnet:

Mag Magnet Inc. is a San Diego-based corporation focused on providing California AR owners with a hassle free experience when shooting on the range or on out-of-state hunting trips. Based on the knowledge that bullet buttons aren’t very convenient, the company created the Mag. Magnet Inc. as a practical and convenient tool for California AR-15 owners. The Mag. Magnet is 100% USA designed and built. The California Department of Justice has not approved or disapproved of the product. Mag. Magnet Inc. is patent pending.

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