Should You Give Premium Gift Items This Christmas?

December is usually the coldest month of the year in most countries in Asia. Yet, the coldness of the surroundings is circumvented by a very special occasion exclusive to this month. This is undeniably the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ or the Christmas season. During this celebration, people from various races and religious backgrounds unite in festivities and gift giving. Offerings during this season are often premium gift items. However, some people believe that is no longer practical to give outrageously expensive gifts during Christmas. To address this, four matters worthy of consideration are given below.

Frequency of the occasion. Christmas is celebrated just once a year. While most will argue that time flies so fast that last year’s Christmas appear to be just yesterday’s event, the truth is that the Christmas season is one of the most awaited culminating activity of the year. Therefore, the public should give the best of what they have during this rare occasion. Parents are expected by their children to send presents that are of esteemed quality. Business owners, on the other hand, are expected by their employees to offer gifts and bonuses that can increase their work motivation. Truly, the kind of gift given during the Christmas season can make or break the spirits of the receiver.

Christmas is for children. Under the teachings of Christianity, Christmas is the day at which the saviour of the Catholic realm is born. This saviour is Jesus Christ, the son of God, who was sent to the Earth to redeem the sins of humankind. To commemorate such joyful occasion, the celebration of Christmas is done. Accordingly, children are considered to be the direct recipients of the occasion since Jesus favours the innocence of the children more than anything else in the world. With this in mind, adults must do their best to please the children during the Christmas season. This can be done by giving kids with gadgets, toys, clothes, creative learning materials and shoes.

Practicality. Prices of basic commodities and gift items significantly escalate during the Christmas season. Because of this, it is really impractical to purchase premium gift items for friends and relatives during this occasion. Others argue that it is better to splurge on food that will be shared by the family during the Christmas evening. Since most renowned Christmas recipes require pricey ingredients, many people believe that splurging on food for Christmas is better than on material things.

Meaning of premium. The idea of giving premium gift items during Christmas is supported by the increasing commercialistic and materialistic mentality of the modern generation. Premium Christmas presents are not only measured by the monetary value of the material but also by the meaning that comes with it. The less worldly members of the population believe that people can simply create personalized gift items which they can distribute during Christmas. This way, the receiver will better feel the value of the present since it was personally crafted by the giver.

No one can dictate his friend or relative regarding the kind or price of gift which he or she must offer during Christmas. Alternatively, strict Christian followers believe that the meaning of the Christmas season must not be overshadowed by the materialism manifested by most people.