Parisian Locations and The Art(istes) in Them

Here is a look into 'The City of Lights', Some of its Architecturally significant Locations and the Art that I saw in them from A Tourist's View.As a modern day African-American Tourist, I will be Highlighting A few places that were significant to African-Americans Expatriates...

Locking in All The MeMORIES from The City Of Lights
Standing at the Center of the City....where? IN FRONT OF The Heavenly Cathedral 'NOTRE DAME DE PARIS'
A Model of The Cathedral in The Cathedral.... (Pretty Genius Work)
Americans on A casual Day at this Beautiful Location wondering what Its all About.....

...Notre Dame De Paris Cathedral was started in 1163 and completed in 1345, and it can be sighted across from the River Sienne (Bridge of Locks) and Louvre. It is a masterpiece to behold with Cherima gargoyle statues that flow with waters from their mouths, Rose petal stained windows that are strategically located around the building with paintings of 'MARY &CHILD'and 10 large Bells at the Bottom floor meant to be rung for services or festivals. Interestingly, the cathedral resembled a monastery and has an ancient Gothic feel to it; although there are past cardinals buried along with carvings of 'The life and story of Jesus' at the first floor.

So close you can touch it!!!
Louvre Pyramids (Spot 2smaller pyramids)

The pyramids consist of A large glass and metal structure- The Louvre museum, with 3 smaller ones surrounding it which are located at the main court of Napoleon. It was completed in 1989, consisting of 603 rhombus-shaped and 70 triangular glass segments. While in the premises, I was easy to spot French national security guards armed with AK 47s walking around due to the terror attack experience a month prior to our arrival.

Walking across The Bridge.....(spot planks &glass panels). Due to the weight & rust of the locks on the Bridge, The government banned such
Arc De Triomphe

Along the walk from the courtyard of the Louvre to the 'Grande arch de la defense'

It is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. It stands in the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle, at the western end of the Champs-Élysées in honor of  those who fought and died for France in the French revolution and the Napoleanic wars, with the names of all French victories and generals inscribed on its inner and outer surfaces. Also as seen at the top, is its golden soldiers with their charriots symbolizing the heroic image of the soldiers who fought. Beneath its vault lies the 'Tomb of the unknown soldier' from World War I.

The tallest Building( till 2011) in PARIS 'Tour Montparnasse'

Buildings like This are rare in The city, being that most architecture around is ancient and holds a piece of history. Its construction began fairly recently in 1969 with 59 floor comprising of offices and a restaurant/cafe. The tower is fairly simple and monolithic in appearance in comparison to most of Paris' buildings.

Built in 1622, The Moulin de la Galette  is an old windmill close to businesses situated near the top of the district of Montmartrein Paris. Since the 17th century the windmill has been known for more than just its milling capabilities, especially since it no longer function. It stands as a symbol of diverse Parisians seeking entertainment, a glass of wine and bread made from flour ground by the windmill. Hence the reason why it sits on the hill overlooking Montmartra- once the district of the misfits in the society. Van Gogh-the artist was one of the people who made it famous.

From Afar...

Doing as the French The Eiffel Tower.This beautiful edifice is an iron lattice tower located on the 'Champs de Mars', completed in 1889. It is the tallest structure in the city- an 81 story building equivalent, with 3levels and the top part is only accessible by Elevator.....( wait for it)

When in Paris Wear A Shirt that Read "xoxo,Love from Paris. Yours LachysCloset." (Spot the missing Glove)

As you can see there, it is a stroll away from the Sienne River and ferries convey at the bank for a 12-15Euro Ride for visitors.

Closer..... Web-Like engineering at the Base of The Eiffel Tower
OverLooking The Extension of The Sienne River. Unlike Most American Cities The Landscaping in The city is in Pentagon formations & It
At THE BASE OF THE TOWER where an Average of 18,000 people take Pictures, meet up and freeze That moment in Time just Like I did.

From going up to tHE TOP to being hustled into buying little Eiffel Tower keychains,and a light-up tower table piece by immigrant African and middle-Eastern sellers at the Bottom. Clearly, everyone has a purpose for being there at that Moment, one thing stood out- We ALL got a piece of Paris at The Tower that is most Loved by the world.

Artpiece by Local French Artist Villemot. Walking along the Bridge, it is hard to miss the kiosks with variety of souvenirs, paintings....

...Paintings on expressions of Blacks and Afro-culture that are embedded in the minds of the French. So evidently there is a part of Paris that carries significance to African-Americans who made their mark in the 20's,40's, 50's such as the likes of Josephine Baker, Chester Himes,James Baldwin, Gertrude Stein, Claude McKay, WEB DuBois and Richard Wright.

The Next Section will be a brief look into The places where they lived, socialized and influences they had with the small circles they maintained.  

Truly an Honor to Stand at the Josephine Baker Square at a restaurant she ate,in the neighborhood of where She performed for the first time.
No caption Needed!
Just a few blocks away...oh no just An Alley away!
#6 Oh Hey JAMES BALWIN, I heard a lot of great things about your activism through your novels. Pretty bold personality if you ask me.
#5..Heard your apartment is beautiful on the inside. Thank you for being an example for more women like you to lead in civil rights era
Ancient photo comes to Reality!
In front of Richard Wright's LAST Residence in Paris at Monsieur Prance (Rich part of Town) This wasn't no Cheap Hotel or Dirt Alley)
A cafe close to the Luxemburg garden where the likes of W E B DuBois had coffee. Today it is graced by dignitaries of the House of Reps.
Back in the Day- Taboo, Today-Cafe Laurent
The first meeting for The PanAfrican congress was held here by WEB DuBois. ONE Thing They ask for was PEACE!...Still significant.
Remarkable-The Second largest number of Attendees to a funeral.
Symbolic of The Breaking of the Chains of Slavery.... This Landmark is still very relevant

It is located at 'Place Du General Catroux' across the street from....

...The famous writer and character of The three Muskateers

...The famous writer and character of the Three Muskateers. He was a General as well a man of AFRICAN heritage which he did not identify with.

Talk about Africa! A chance to taste some mouth-watering cuisine from Different parts of Africa,each bursting with unique Flavors

Present day PARIS serves up a Dish of African culture.

Afro-French Fashion District .....(At 11am they were still not Open) French business time

A trip further Down to the other side, and I found a glimpse of America in 'Little Africa' as known as Chateau Rouge. A predominantly West African neighborhood in which businesses- shops, clothing stores, restaurants, hair salons and a big flee market are own by Africans.

Pardon The teaser but This was the closest I could get of The Infamous place where The first JAZZ BAND Played. They were Pioneers.
The Center of Barbes- North African neighborhood and Chateau Rouge- West African neighborhood.

This very Church has been a refuge for different people with various cultures, beliefs that were displaced during times of trouble and serves as the landmark between the two African neighborhoods that have been designated to live in that part of The city.

Just A BONUS glimpse into History
The City of LiGHTS Where Dreams were Made & The Receptive arms of The French helped fixed the broken spirits of African Americans.

The End. AuRevoir

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