Teens and Alcoholism

should teenagers be allowed to drink alcohol?

Alcohol has a huge affect on teens nowadays, for some reason most teens today think that you need to get drunk quickly and cheaply as possible. And although it is illegal for a person under the age of twenty-one to consume alcohol, teenagers at parties still drink. They can get the alcohol either from a friend that is twenty-one or older or they can just get it from their parents as well. I think teenagers should watch what they are doing and not have access to alcohol at all.

Many of the teenagers that binge drink constantly need to watch what they are doing because it may lead to sever health problems. By binge drinking you can suffer from sleep deprivation, which means the body doesn’t get enough sleep to provide energy to your organs, your liver can flare up, the alcohol can damage your immune system, and finally you can risk weight gain. There are a numerous number of health risks, but as you can see many of the risks involve your organs and how they can react differently because of the alcohol.

Today’s generation of teens have easy access to alcohol. They can gain access to alcohol from an older friend or family member. Most of the drinking occurs at parties and a get together with friends. And if teens just like to get drunk every weekend, then I don’t think that they should be allowed to drink at all. It can be dangerous to the community because they will drive intoxicated and end up causing a funeral. We need to prevent this from happening and stop teens from binge drinking or just drinking period.

Our society can stop these teenagers from causing destruction to themselves and to the community. One way we can take action is to take this concern to the government, we can see if they are willing to change the law form being able to consume alcohol at twenty-one to being able to consume it at twenty-seven. This should help because most people at twenty-one still cant handle themselves unlike when at twenty-seven they are a little more aware on what they are doing. And another way to help solve this problem is to have the law enforcement actually check parties on weekends and make sure teens do not drink.