Writing portfolio
9th grade English
Alexa Buckner

Expository essay

A sweet 16 is a very special moment, in a boy or girls life. It's the moment that they can finally drive, legally. Depending on their personalities, they might like different ideas. I'm planning my boyfriends sweet 16. He's country, likes the out doors, and likes cookouts. So, I knew we should do something outside.

First step, in the planning process that I'm doing, is planning a surprise party with his grandma. Next, they had a cookout, he didn't know about it. He came to my house ad picked me up, and thought we were just going to sit at his house. But when we got there he was really surprised! His grandpa was outside cooking on the grill and a bunch of his buddies were sitting in the swing.

We went in the house to get out food, his grandma had gotten him a cake. After we sang happy birthday, his cousin hit him in the side of the face with the cake. He went and got cleaned up. Me and Kevin planned for me to hit him with the cake. So Kevin wet and got Jamie, I was hiding in the bathroom. He walked in looking for me and I hit him in the nose.

After he got cleaned up again and everyone left, we left. We came to my house and I got his cake. I lit the candles, and told him to make a wish. He kissed me then blew out his candles. I asked him if he had a good birthday? He said " it was the best one yet".

It took a lot to plan what to get him. But I finally figured it out, thankfully. I made in a gift basket with his favorite candies, chips, beef jerky, Gatorade, and a picture of us in a frame. He loved it I was so glad! He said his cake was really good. Sense turning 16 is a special moment in someone's life, I'm glad Jamie's was special!

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