An architect is someone who draws the layout of a house that is going to be built.

1.How can I become an Architect?

Most architects have to go to collage for six years. Some collages that architects go to are scad , Georgia Tech ,and many others. I would like to go too scad but if I couldn't make it into that I would want to go too Georgia tech. If your lucky you may have someone in your family that is an architect.

2.What is an Architect?

An architect is some one who draws the layout of a house so the workers can look at when their building the house. There are many different kinds of architects in the world such as one that builds houses, sky scrapers, or stores.  

3.How much do architects get paid?

An architect that builds sky scrapers can get any where from 40 to 50k for one project. If you want to build a normal house you can get 119,410 in one year.

This is a modern house.

This is a blueprint.


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